Minutes 2023

Kent House Leisure Gardens Ltd
Board Meeting
Held online: Monday 9 th January 2023
DRAFT Minutes
Korehan Dora (KD) Chair, Reg Wickings (RW) Treasurer,
Heather Mallinder (HM) Minute Secretary, Martin Spatcher (MS)
Antoni Pogorzelski (AP) Saeed Kanuga (SK) John Sissons (JS),
Apologies: Simon Harth (SH)

1. Chair’s Opening Remarks

The Chair welcomed Board Members and wished them a Happy New Year.
He thanked them for attending and advised them he had received apologies
from SH. KD went on to thank the Lighting Crew and all those who helped
make this Christmas event a success.
said the feedback received indicated that it had been much appreciated
by all who attended.

2.Minutes of Meeting 14 th November 2022

The Minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.
There was no meeting in December due to the Christmas period.

Matters Arising

There  were no matters arising.

Action Points Outstanding

a) Repair to fence adjacent to plot 72
KD has some galvanised wire on his plot and has offered to help SK
with the repair when the weather improves.
Work remains outstanding. – SK
b) Boundary Wall Fairlawn Path
A quote for the work required to repair the wall is outstanding. The Board will need this information before applying for grant funding.
Obtain a quote for the works – SK
It is still unsure who is ultimately responsible for the wall.
HM is in communication with Cllr Kathy Bance L.B. Bromley, who is pursuing the matter on our behalf.
to continue to purse liability – HM
c) Bonfire Night & Christmas Light Shows – Feedback
Both events went well and were much enjoyed by the plot holders that came.
However despite advertising the events in the minutes; in notices on the back gate,
main notice board and in the clubhouse; on the WhatsApp messaging group; and by individual invitation by email, still some plot holders claim not to have known about them.
To look into the feasibility of a bulk text message to reach plot holders without an email account. -RW
d) Dates for 2023
The calendar of dates has been drafted and will be revised before publication.-HM
e) Quarterly News Letter update.
It was suggested that a quarterly newsletter to all plot holders would keep them informed.
Update at the next meeting. -SH
f) Rota for Board Presence on site on Sundays.
The rota will be published when it is known when the plot inspections are to begin again. -KD
g) Advice on the Disclaimer in the Tenancy Agreement.
To discuss the issue with BALGAF – RW

3.Secretary’s Report

HM was unable to attend the agenda planning meeting due to illness.
She had circulated previously the notes from the AGM planning meeting 27 th November 2022
and the dates for 2023.

KHLG Ltd Management Tools

The provision of 3 data sticks with current KHLG Ltd data for the Board’s
PCs as part of the emergency recovery plan is still outstanding as more work is needed.
To be completed ASAP – RW

Facilitating the AGM for 12 th March 2023

The practical arrangements for the AGM need to be finalised at the February meeting.

4. Letters/ Communications

RW received a request from a plot holder under a NTQ to stay the execution of the notice.
RW responded by explaining the plot had already been re-let.
KD commended RW for his robust response.
was suggested to add the evicted plot holder to the wating list although it is closed.
As there was no clear support for this it was agreed to wait for a response to the letter from RW.

5.Treasurer’s Report

The Board Agreed: all monies to be transferred to one account at AGM when the Association is
formally closed.
RW has received payment for 88 rents so far. There are approximately 141 individual plots
although some plot holders have 
more than one. RW normally allows up until the end of January
payment of rent before pursuing the debt, however one plot holder failed to pay the rent
last year and has not paid this year. It is only a 
small plot and very little rent is levied.
To serve an NTQ on the plot holder for non-payment of rent.

Account Balances as of December 2022

No.1 A/C £ 1,370.62
No.2 A/C £ 952.53
KHLG Ltd A/C £ 12,245.40
Savings A/C £ 0.90
Cash 1:2:3 £ 2,459.94
Total £ 17,028.58

6. Shop Report

KD advised the Board that £170.00 was taken by the shop in November and £50.00 in December.
Both banked into KHLG Ltd account.
A small order of stock, including 
weed matting will be required for Spring. MS and other board
members to check the requirements prior to KD submitting the order.
The usual supplier of manure is not responding to KD, however a plot holder has found a supplier
of good quality, well-rotted manure and has taken 48 barrows between two plot holders.
The details have been posted on the notice board -SH
KD suggested that this is an alternative option for plot holders to make their own arrangements
or getting manure if they wish. However he will get in touch with these suppliers and order some
manure then and then decide on the cost per wheelbarrow load.
MS requested some more woodchip from Foxy. HM to contact.

7. Site Manager’s Report.

As there has been little activity this month MS has not produced a written report.
There were no plot inspections as they resume in the Spring, the month to be confirmed as it is weather dependant.

8. External rewiring update

AP gave an update. Unfortunately, due to illness there has been little progress.
Work will start again ASAP.

9. Lettings Manager’s Report

There are currently 40 applicants on the waiting list. 9 plots have been let in recent months.
The names of the new tenants have been 
added to the excel spreadsheet from SK.
There are currently 6 vacant 
45b/ 60b/ 63b/ 68b/ 87/ 89.
There will be a viewing day held this month and it was Agreed:
treat 68b as a ‘hard to let’ plot and offer it to the waiting list on a first come first served basis. -SK /RW

10. Health & Safety Issues

The pipework to the sink drain froze up at the Christmas meal event.
It was especially noticeable in the left-hand sink which was very slow to drain.
AP suggested the pipes need to be re-routed in the spring.

11. A.O.B

AP-We need a new fridge for the clubhouse, preferably a tall one to accommodate open day events.
To spend circa £200 KD will research the options and circulate for agreement.
MS-The lights that have been left around the soffit of the clubhouse need to be checked as they
are plugged into a domestic 
Ross /AP to check.
SK-Rubbish has been accumulating in and around the yard.
SK-will contact Aaron to move it for circa £300.
KD– Has had a meeting with the existing Wifi Broadband provider as the current system
is slow and unreliable. He has been offered a 5G option on a good deal which will
work out cheaper to run. AP suggested that the speed was tested first as he and Ross tried a 5G
on site which failed. He thinks it’s the signal strength that’s at fault.
KD to test on site and report back.

Closed at 20.48 hrs