Equipment Loans

Petrol-driven mowers, strimmers and rotavators are available for plot-holders to borrow on Sunday mornings, however you can request to borrow equipments on any other day if you see a committee member. This is of course if the committee member has the time to deal with the request.

We also have Heavy Duty Machinery.
In all cases Health & Safety is our main Priority. We will not Loan any machinery to the Plot Holders if they do not wear the PPE kit we provide. Over the Covid-19 Period we insisted that the PPE ie Ear Defenders and Helmet be obtained by the User.

It is mandotory to wear one of our STIHL Harness With A Brushcutter With A Bike Handle (Cowhorn)

Strimmers with bike handles are used out in front of the operator, so a double shoulder harness is generally more suitable with these models as it allows for a more natural posture.